It is with a heavy heart that we’ve decided to close the doors of Lost in a Forest from January 1 2024.
It’s been a spectacular ride with many ups and a few awful downs. A journey of 7.5 years that started life as a ‘hobby’ for Charlie Lawrence and Taras Ochota and then with Nick Filsell (as chef) coming on board to add legitimacy to our crazy project.
There aren’t enough words or photos to encapsulate the legacy we built over those years. A legacy of great pizzas, delicious local vin and loud no apologies 80’s tunes.
We proudly began the resurrection of the Uraidla township, a little piece of paradise in the Adelaide Hills and along with the Uraidla Hotel, we carved out a niche that locals, city folk and people from around the world have grown to love.
Many a late night was spent enjoying an ‘orange wine’ with diners, staff and ‘Friends of the Forest’. The stories these walls could tell will forever be cherished by all that visited, worked and played here. A place that I’m proud to have been a part of, watching many of our amazing team grow, learn and embrace all that we loved ‘up the hill’.
We’d love to thank everyone who found themselves at a wonky handmade table and enjoying what we put out into the universe.
It’s been a blast!

Charlie Lawrence and the Forest team.

Your favourite Lost in a Forest pizza recipes are now available at Crafty Robot Brewing on Grote St in Adelaide's CBD!

Our Square Slice Pizzas are a tasty homage to Detroit Style, a rectangular pan pizza with a thick, cheese edged, fluffy crust that caramelizes against the aluminium pan, creating the ‘frico’. It’s like nothing you’ve eaten before!

And yes it is pizza. Well, pizza as we know it.
Find out more at or @squareslicepizza on Instagram